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Studio Fortunes Premium Website Promotion Platform. Use Studio Fortunes Premium Website Promotion Platform as your preferred and unique global advertising system. With free Advertising, Tools & Resources to Brand and promote your Business.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does it all work?
Your account can be used for a multitude of purposes :
1. Making Money : If you create a free or pro account, you will be rewarded according to the specified terms of that account type. Once signed in to your account click the View Websites in your account menu, then our traffic exchange will take you to our members web sites for a specified number of seconds each. It is almost like watching a slide-show, but here you earn return visitors credits for each site you view. The earnings are corresponding to your account level. You can also win extra credits, and upgraded members can also win cash during their surf session. Upgraded members get extra benefits, including higher commissions for telling your friends.
2. Free and Paid Advertising : You can add your own web pages to the Traffic Exchange for others to visit. Each visit to your site will deduct credit(s) from your account. You can earn, win or buy extra credits. The links you enter to promote can also be included in our Link Directory for free if they meet the required terms! If you want to reward our members for visiting your site we provide Paid To Click Banners and Text Ads for our members. See the Buy Advertising page in your account area!
3. Business Opportunities : You can use our website and all the information contained therein to start your own Internet Business or rapidly expand the business(es) you are currently running. To do so please visit our link directory in accesible from your account. We also offer our members a Textlink and Email Ads service where they can email to our highly responsive members, without having to worry about spam issues, simply because we mail the members from our own servers. You can find this service on Madcashcentral Textlink Ads Exchange

What are the perks?
This is what our membership offers :
1. : Free member Level to start advertising your sites when you join and activate your account, you can earn extra money by clicking ptc ads or through your referrals purchases / earnings.
2. : Account type upgrades last for 365 days.
3. : All members get free credits to start off their advertising campaign, just for joining. You earn credits for each site you view.
4. : 10 second standard traffic exchange timer with occasional lowering of the timer as an incentive to our members
5. : Random cash and credit bonus offers while you view sites.
6. : Earn a percentage of the credits earned by your referrals.
7. : Earn a percentage of the value of your direct referrals purchases.
8. : Free, highly responsive advertising of your web sites, with free Link placement in our Link Directory.
9. : Paid visits to your sites are available through our Paid To Click system at very low rates.
10. : Free and Automatic Posting of your validated Link Directory sites at Studio Fortunes on Madcashcentral Advertising Pages Exchanges Business Blog.

What do I have to do?
Join free (upgrade to pro for maximum effect) then login each day and view other members' web sites. Use the Ads Page Exchange Surflink in your account menu.
When you have earned our minimum payout stated for your account type, you will be paid automatically into the e-currency account you list in your account. Sign up new members under you (referrals) and earn extra credits (and cash commissions when they make a purchase).

I have changed my mind. What can I do?
Login to your account and click the Delete link in your members menu and confirm that you actually want to completely delete your account. That will remove you from our system and mailing list. All cash and credits will be lost as we do not give refunds. Do not write to our business and request that your account be deleted. For security reasons, we can not delete accounts on request.

How do I get started?
Getting Started - step by step
1. : Sign up for a free or premium account by clicking a signup link or button on the page. We need to know some personal data like your name and a working email address and how we can pay you.
2. : Wait for an activation email, we manually check and approve all accounts, usually within 24 Hours.
3. : After your account has been approved by us, open up your web browser, navigate to our page and log in to your account with your email address as your login, and enter your password.
4. : Click on the `View Websites` link on your member account page to start earning free traffic credits.
5. : Watch the slide-show of web sites until you get a message that your account has been activated. From this point on you have an active account with our business, use it on a daily basis and surf as much as you can per day. This will help all members and our program get good ratings.
6. : Also watch for credit and cash bonus offers. Click on the links to claim them, that is just about all there is to it!.
7. : If you want to advertise your web sites on our advertising pages exchange, do this: a. Click the edit button in your member menu on the page called `Add new site` and add your web sites. b. Click Confirm in your site list to test your site for popup's, errors and unacceptable content. Your site must not have popup's or any code to redirect or stop our surf bar in any way. c. Once you have credits available, either bought or earned, click the allocate arrow, located right next to your credit amount on your sites page, to allocate credits to your sites. We add credits to your account when you view another site, and deduct credit(s) for each time your site is viewed by some other member. You can get credits by surfing or you can buy more by visiting our Buy Advertising page. We do not pay you for your credits. You can't redeem them for cash. They are for promoting your own sites on our website. We pay you for clicking links and your referrals purchases. Tell all your friends, but do not SPAM!

Why can't I login?
Your email address must be valid and working. You have to signup again with another email address if you do not get our emails. The following may also be helpfull:
1. : The user name and password are case sensitive. Be careful with capital letters.
2. : Make sure there are no extra spaces in your login email or account number or password, especially hiding at the end.
3. : Try copying and pasting your login email or account number and password from the welcome email. Do not include spaces.
4. : Make sure your browser and firewall are not blocking our temporary session cookie. (IE6: Tools, Internet Options, Privacy tab, set to Medium (which is the normal default setting) or lower.)
5. : Some users of firewalls such as Norton may have to change settings to allow your login to work.
6. : In your browser, go to View, Encoding and select Western European (ISO) or similar, then try again.
7. : close all browser windows and maybe reboot your PC and try again.

Can I have more than one account?
All members are permitted only one account. Individuals living in one household cannot all signup. Only one account per ip permitted.

How does allocating credits work?
Credits that you earn, buy or win as bonuses are allocated to your account but not to your sites. You must allocate them to your site for them to be used and your sites shown. Click the edit arrow on the account credits line to allocate them. On the allocate screen, enter quantities you want for each site, up to the total available on your account. Click allocate to store the changes and you are done. To ensure that we have a continuous supply of sites to display, we may automatically allocate credits from your account to your sites. If you have active sites with no credits, we may allocate a proportion of your account credits to them. You can prevent that by ensuring your sites always have some credits, or by putting a site on hold. You cannot remove credits from sites or move them between sites. You may change the URL of a site at any time to use up credits. Do not delete a site with credits or you will lose them. You can stop a site from being displayed or from receiving automatically allocated credits by putting it on hold (click edit arrow next to the site). If you delete a site, you will lose its credits. Instead, change the URL; even to a site that you already have listed.

Why do I get logged out?
If you are logged out while surfing, it may have been caused by a site that breaks out of our surf-bar frame. These sites are banned but could be loaded from another site. Please report any such event to us either from your surfbar or email, if you can, so we may remove it. To protect your account and our servers, your login will automatically expire after a period of inactivity. Also make sure that your PC is allowing javascript and our temporary session cookie.
You should also clear your cache periodically. In your browser, click tools, options and click delete files under cache or temporary internet files, depending on your browser. In some browsers you can also select to delete all offline content, if so press link and click OK. This could take some time if it is not done regularly.
We have a few reports that clicking for a bonus will sometimes produce a blank page (with Internet Explorer 6 only). The bonus is actually added to your account and hitting the Refresh button resumes surfing. Being taken to the login page means something has caused your browser to close our session cookie. This could be:
Your firewall or cookie (Privacy) settings, Running the Traffic Exchange in more than one window, Opening our links in a new window, Our server being temporarily down or overloaded, A long period without key or mouse activity. You might also try both and !
If you are using MS Internet Explorer, try the free Firefox browser at It will also avoid the window that confirms leaving the surf bar or try

Why is my site Suspended?
The reason(s) your site is suspended may be it breaks out of our surf bar frame, produces alert boxes, or contains unacceptable content or scripts or leads to phishing sites. Our rules are simple. If you break our rules deliberately - with bad sites, Ad warez, adult sites, sites that disrupt surfing or try to download anything, etc, you will have a ban for this site. Sites must be legal and family-safe. We do not permit popup's, rotators, redirects, bad, adult or offensive sites, or any site that disrupts surfing. We will not respond to emails about suspended sites or accounts. It is your responsibility to follow our easy rules.

What does CPH mean?
Upgraded Members can use the credits per hour (CPH) setting to restrict the number of times a site can be displayed in an hour, although it is usually not required. You can change the CPH by clicking the edit arrow behind the name of the site

Why is my site not being shown?
The selection of sites displayed to our members on the Traffic Exchange page is randomly picked out of the many eligible sites in our database. Things to check:
1. : Make sure you have allocated credits to your sites.
2. : Ensure your sites are not waiting, suspended or on_hold.
3. : If you have set a CPH, do not set it too low as it restricts the number of times a site can be shown in any hour. Usually it is better left at zero meaning it is off.
4. : If you have only one site, try adding it several times to increase the chances of it being picked. The Stats at your site may not show our hits because they all come from the same IP address (ours) or because our timer may be too short to register.

Why does the surfing stop?
There could be a server or connection problem or slowdown, but most likely, a frame-breaking site has removed our advertising pages exchange surf-bar frame. When you watch the screen while you earn your free advertising and/or money (and you should), you may be able to continue surfing by clicking your Back button a few times, or the Refresh/Reload button if the screen is completely blank. These sites are banned but some are loaded from other sites (called redirects). We remove those when we find them.

How do I earn cash?
You can win cash by watching for our random bonus offers. You can earn cash by signing up new members, you will earn a percentage of every purchase made by members who join under your referral code. Remember, the more members, the more certain your earnings will be!

How do I get paid?
On expiration of your upgrade we automatically pay you the amount in your cash balance if : Your account payout details are valid - check your account ID for PayPal or your email address for AlertPay. You have already paid to upgrade your account from your specified e-currency account? you will be paid to the e-currency account you used to upgrade with. Any unpaid amounts due and not paid for any reason will remain in your Cash Balance for payout NEXT MONTH (and no correspondence will be entered into). Accounts cannot be upgraded from your cash balance, you will have to upgrade through your payment processor. After verification of earnings and subject to limits, payout's are made automatically.
How much: We will pay out your cash balance provided that you have met your account type minimum payout thresholds.
Unpaid: Any unpaid cash will be transferred to the (previous month earnings) for the current month. That will be included in your (Final balance owed this month due mid next month) and will remain in your cash balance until the next payout.
General: You do not have to request payout's. Your cash balance will be processed automatically. Click the edit arrow next to your name in your account to update your payout type and ID and make sure you save the changes you make. Make sure you provide accurate details (account number for some and email address for paypal and alertpay! or our software will reject your payout and you will have to wait until we can fix it manually. Payout's are initiated under strict secure methods. It may take a week or two for your payout to be received as we perform security checks to avoid fraud.

How do I make payments?
All payments to our business must be made through the upgrade or Adshop page in your member area. You can pay with paypal, in the near future we will review other payment processors. ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE THROUGH THE UPGRADE/BUY ADVERTISING PAGE. If you are paying for Advertising be advised that we may have to charge you fees from your account balance for certain payment processors. This is due to the fees we have to pay to the payment processors. We will deduct fees before the payment is completed. Also note that chargebacks received by us will result in your account being terminated.